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Ian Neligh Re-rescheduled!

Bursts of Brilliance with Teresa Funke!

Story Time Tuesdays!

Used Book Policy Refresher!

Liberate Your Audiobook and E-book Libraries with and Hummingbird! 

Don't Forget Your Student Discount! 

Once More with Ian! 

Our fingers are crossed and we're hoping this is the last time we're rescheduling our event with Ian Neligh! Come join us on Tuesday, February 25th at 6pm to hear him speak about Spurred West! We hope there are no more snowstorms or sporting events to interfere with this fascinating talk about the colorful characters of the Wild West! See you there! 

Bursts of Brilliance with Teresa Funke!

Teresa Funke believes there’s a creative spirit in all of us. She's going to be leading a workshop on Wednesday, March 4th, from 6pm-8pm, to help us reach the creative potential that's in all of us. In two exercises, she'll help you identify what matters most to you and how to protect your ideas and nurture them. It's going to be a brilliant night of creativity, and you won't want to miss it! Tickets cost only $15 and there are only 30 of them, so grab yours before they're gone

Buy tickets for Bursts of Brilliance here!

Join Us for Story Time!

Don't forget, every Tuesday at 10:30am, we host a story time for kids! All children, ages 1-5, are welcome to join Julie for a few stories and an on-theme craft. We hope to see you there! 

Bring Us Books, Get a Discount!

Are you cleaning off your bookshelves so you can start the new year with a slimmer, more manageable to-be-read list? Getting rid of some old books you're never planning to read again? Didn't really like that one and want it gone? We're happy to take them off your hands! Our used books all come from you, our customers! But there are some guidelines for how you can get your used books onto our shelves. 

We don't do books for cash. Instead, we use a trade credit system, so every book you trade in, you get credit for. That credit is used to get you discounts on books and bookish things you buy in the store! When you make a purchase after trading in books, credit will automatically be deducted from your trade credit bank. You will save 10% off new books and 50% off used books. You will always pay something, but you will also save some money as long as you have enough trade credit. 

It works like this: If you bring us a book that costs $16 (most paperbacks nowadays), $4 are deposited in your credit bank. Then, if you buy a $10 new book, you’ll get a dollar off and have $3 left in your credit bank. If you buy a $6 used book, you’ll get $3 off and have $1 left in your credit bank.  It’s not a direct exchange, but you are always saving money! 

You can find more information on the Used Book Policy page about what books we do and don't accept, when trade hours are, and how many books we take at a time. And of course, if you have any questions, we're happy to answer them if you call, email, or stop in! 

Liberate Your Audiobook and E-book Libraries with and Hummingbird! 

We know you're busy, and you don't always have time to sit down and read a book. And space is limited, so paper-and-ink copies aren't always practical when you can squish a whole library onto your e-reader. Luckily, we've got you covered on both fronts! is your one-stop shop for audiobooks. You pick the duration of your subscription--one month, three months, six months, or the whole year--and you get access to over 100,000 audiobooks on any of your devices at any time you want. You get one audiobook a month for your subscription, and you can purchase even more audiobooks for 30% off! You can sign up through to support them and us and make your road trip or your daily run  just a little more literary! 

Hummingbird is the place to go for e-books! Hit up our storefront at to browse thousands of quality e-books from today's bestsellers to your kid's new favorite picture book, from this month's mystery book club pick to the romance you've been craving to the history book you want to learn from. They've got everything you could imagine available to download to all your favorite devices. Their Frequently Asked Questions page will even tell you how to get the app on your Kindle Fire or Nook! 

Since we're partnered with and with Hummingbird, every audiobook you subscribe for or e-book you buy through our storefronts on their websites helps us. So you're not only supporting fantastic digital book services, you're supporting your favorite indie, too! It's a win-win-win for them, us, and you! 

Don't Forget Your Student Discount! 

A lot of you have taken advantage of this, but we want to remind all college students (and faculty!)--at CSU and FRCC--that if you show us your valid student (or faculty!) ID, you'll get 15% off each item you purchase from us! You must show us your ID at the beginning of your transaction at the register for the discount to be applied. This discount does not stack with other discounts, but we'll always give you the better of the discounts! 


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