Trade Credit Policy

Where do our used books come from?

You! Our fantastic customers. Old Firehouse Books carries both new and used books not only to provide a larger selection of books but also to provide some of the best deals to our customers. When you bring in your gently used books, the deals get even better! 

How it works:

For every book we take into the store, the customer generally receives one quarter (1/4) of the cover price in trade credit. The trade credit you receive gets you a discount on the books you buy. When you make a purchase after trading in books, credit will automatically be deducted from your trade credit bank. You will save 10% off new books and 50% off used books. You will always pay something, but you will also save some money as long as you have enough trade credit. Trade credit can be applied to any item in our store, not just books! 

It works like this: If you bring us a book that costs $16 (most paperbacks nowadays), $4 are deposited in your credit bank. Then, if you buy a $10 new book, you’ll get a dollar off and have $3 left in your credit bank. If you buy a $6 used book, you’ll get $3 off and have $1 left in your credit bank.  It’s not a direct exchange, but you are always saving money!

*Please keep in mind: We are not a donation center.* 

Space in our store is very limited. If you have several boxes of old, obscure, dirty books that you don't want, and that we are unlikely to take into the store, we ask that you deliver them to the Poudre River Friends of the Library or another organization that specifically takes books for donations. 

What we do and don’t take:

We are looking for gently used books. This means:

-No magazines
-No outdated travel books
-No books with water damage
-No books with torn or grimy covers or missing dust jackets
-No smelly or hairy books
-No books with broken spines
-No books with marking or highlighting inside, or torn pages
-No antique books

We prefer paperback books and only take hardcovers if the book is not yet available in paperback. We do not take textbooks. We are selective about what we take, and will check books against our current inventory and sales history. We do not take very niche books or books that are dated. Books are also under the scrutiny of our staff. If we don't have the readership for a book we won’t take it in. 

When we take trade books:

Our trade hours are:

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: 12pm - 4pm

If you bring books outside of trade hours, they will just be donated or recycled and you will not receive credit.

**We enforce a limit of approximately 30 books per visit** Please don't bring us giant plastic tubs, or a refrigerator box, or seven reusable grocery bags full of books. We just don't have the room to unpack and store them so you can take your tubs and bags home, nor the time and staff to get through all those books in addition to our other store responsibilites. If you have more than 30 books you are welcome to bring them to us in stages! 

What we do with books we don't take:

Any books we don't take into the store we donate. We currently give our donation books to the Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department and the Friends of the Poudre River Public Library. Please let us know if you would like us to donate the books we don't take or if you would like them back. These books must be picked up by the end of the day or they will be donated.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Phone: (970)484-7898

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