Special Orders and Other Services

At Old Firehouse, we want to make it easy to get the books you need... 

While we love chatting with and helping customers in the store, we understand people can’t always get downtown to see us. Here are a few services we offer to make your life a bit easier.

Speical Orders and Pre-Orders

We work to have a large selection of books of our shelves, but we don't have space for everything. If there is something you want and you can't find it in our store, let us know and we will check to see if we can order it! Special orders can be placed in the store or over the phone and generally arrive in the store after five business days, pending any special circumstances. If we absolutely cannot find a new book for you, we are happy to look into ordering a used copy. 

If you are eagerly awaiting the release of a book, we are happy to pre-order it for you! All pre-orders placed at least 2 weeks before the publication date get 10% off. 

Order online!

Ordering books directly from our website is the most convenient way to get what you need. When you go to our website to order there will be a couple different options you can choose to get your books.

  1. In-store pickup: Order online, then stop into the store when your book arrives! 
  2. USPS shipping: When you order a book to be delivered by the US Postal Service, it will arrive at our store in our normal shipment, then be packaged and sent to you!
  3. Direct-to-Home shipping: When you order a book with Direct-to-Home shipping, the book will be delivered to your home directly from our distributor’s warehouse.

***Please be aware: While a book may appear on our website, there is a chance it is no longer in print. Likewise, even if a book’s availability is listed as “On Our Shelves Now” it is always best to call the store and check. The inventory on our website is maintained by the American Booksellers Association and is not always accurate.***

Gift Cards

We sell gift cards in any denomination you would like, and you can buy them online, in store, or over the phone! We can mail them to you or keep them in the store for pick-up. 

Home Delivery 

If you have a disability or are in a position that makes it difficult for you to travel to Old Town (e.g. recovering from surgery), we are happy to deliver books to your home as long as you live within our deliver area. We can also ship books to you at a minimal shipping cost.

Boundary roads: Overland Trail, Willox Lane, Interstate 25, Harmony Road

We validate parking!

Not in a hurry but still don’t want to hunt for parking in Old Town? Try the parking garage! There are two parking garages located within a couple blocks of our store. Find more information on our Parking Information page. 

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