Register Your Book Club

Registering your Book Club with Old Firehouse is easy and rewarding!

Registering your group gives you access to the following:

- 20% off your book selection when purchased during the month in which it will be discussed or the last week of the month prior. Book selections must be provided at least 2 weeks in advance (certain books may be exempt). 

- We will stock the books in our Book Club Selections at the front of the store the month of your meeting for your convenience (certain books may be exempt and we usually stock 3 copies sold on a first come, first serve basis, but can order more upon request). We can also hold copies of your pick behind the front counter upon request.

- Special book club promotions from either Old Firehouse Books or our partners.

- Recommendations and advice on which books can be right for your club.


To register all you need to do is email the following information to and we’ll respond to let you know you’re signed up, or if we need any additional information.

- Book Club Name

- Main contact’s name, phone number, and email

- Upcoming book selections (and whenever the list changes or becomes updated just let us know)

- Whether or not you would like to receive our Newsletter and Special Event Notices (this is the easiest way to find out about promotions and events that could apply to your book club). If so, provide email(s) that we can sign up.

- And any additional information you’d like us to have to help us better serve you.


Old Firehouse Books wants to be a resource that can enhance your Book Club experience!

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