Creating Your Own Happily Ever After by Laura Garrett

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Life is beautiful, life is a gift, and it is constantly changing. Like a caterpillar who transforms into a butterfly, we too must learn to be flexible in our own transformations. However, what we may have experienced in our past, the messages we have received, the relationships we have engaged in can have a powerful and sometimes negative influence on our growth.

In Part I of this book you will learn life skills to help you successfully navigate these changes and overcome some of these experiences that may be keeping you stuck. Skills include building strong self-esteem and managing anger, anxiety, and stress. In addition, you will learn how to better navigate life transitions as well as change your negative thoughts and beliefs about your current life story.

Once you have established these skills, you will be ready to build a healthy relationship. In Part II you will learn about the realities of being in a relationship, the work it takes to maintain a healthy relationship, and the skills that are needed to ensure its success.

This book was written as a fairytale narrative to make it fun and easy to learn these skills so you can create your own Happily Ever After!


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