Beware Fried Fish by Kim File

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It’s as natural as Wyoming wind for twelve-year-old Storm West to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong. Evildoers hiding dark secrets have a problem with that.  

After a hideously long sixth-grade school year in humdrum Dooley, Wyoming, working at the family-owned Crimson Creek Resort sounds like a welcome adventure to the amateur sleuth. But from the moment Storm and her family arrive at Miner’s Mountain, some menacing (and strangely supernatural) things begin to happen. Then showing up when least expected (like a bad case of the flu) is Storm’s nemesis, BARF—an irksome bully with a perm gone wrong.

While trying to make sense of the cryptic warnings given by her Lakota grandmother, Kȟúŋši, Storm keeps a watchful eye out for the čičíye (the Lakota word for bogeyman) and teams up with her genius friend, IQ, to search for clues. They soon discover that abandoned mines, shadowy woods and one very haunted creek make perfect hiding spots for frightful creatures.

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