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Online Shopping with Old Firehouse Books

We love interacting with customers in the store, but we also offer a full-service web store for your convenience! Web order details and FAQs are below.

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Orders, Pre-orders, and Gift Cards

We work hard to have a large selection of books on our shelves, but we don't have space for everything. If you can't find a book in our store, we will try to order it! Orders can be placed online, as well as in the store or over the phone. Shipping time is generally five business days, pending any special circumstances. Special orders not picked up after 6 months will be donated.

If you are eagerly awaiting the release of a book, you can pre-order online! All pre-orders placed at least 2 weeks before the publication date are 15% off. The pre-order discount will not be automatically applied to all online pre-orders, but a bookseller will manually adjust your order before your card is processed. 

Gift cards are available for purchase online in any denomination you would like. They can be purchased online, in store, or over the phone. Gift cards can mailed to the recepient or we can keep them in the store for pick-up. 

***Please be aware: While a book may appear on our website, there is a chance it is no longer in print. Likewise, even if a book’s availability is listed as “On Our Shelves Now” it is always best to email the store and check. The inventory on our website is maintained by the American Booksellers Association and is not always accurate.***

Frequently Asked Questions

I love the convenience of shopping online but I'd rather support independent bookstores. Is this a thing?

It is a thing! Many indie bookstores are members of the ABA (The American Booksellers Association), a not-for-profit trade organization that works to help independent bookstores grow and succeed. The ABA offers its members a state-of-the-art online store that offers customers the same ease and convenience of a national corporation. The webstore has access to a database of nine million books and books on CD, in addition to connecting directly with our own inventory.


Wow! Does that mean I can order any book I find on your website?

Unfortunately, no. While most of the books in our web store can be ordered, occasionally you will find a rare or out-of-print title that is actually unavailable despite its listing. If a book is marked "Hard To Find", "Special Order", or "Call/Email for Price" (under the Add To Cart button), we suggest that you call the store at 970-484-7898 or email to check availability before ordering. We also recommend you call to double check regarding any books that are listed at "On Our Shelves Now" to be sure they are in fact in the store. 


I placed an order! Can I come get it now?

Every single order placed on our web store is manually processed by one of our experienced booksellers. Your order is only complete when you receive a personalized email from one of us (as opposed to the automatically generated email confirming that your order was placed). Please wait until your receive the personalized email before coming to the store - we may not have gotten to it yet!


I placed an order and now I have two charges on my bank account! Is this an error?

Probably not! When you initially place an order, our e-commerce provider automatically authorizes a payment when you check out. This is a pending charge to confirm that you have enough funds in your account to cover the transaction. Sometimes we need to manually edit this authorization - if you're supposed to receive a discount, for instance - and this new authorization becomes the payment that's captured once we mark the order as Complete. Depending on your bank, it can take a few business days for a pending payment to disappear, so this occasionally looks like two charges on your account - one pending and one captured. Check out this (external) article for more information about the difference between Authorized and Captured payments.


Can I get audiobooks and ebooks while still supporting your store? 

You can! Old Firehouse Books has partnered with and Hummingbird (powered by My Must Reads) to be able to provide our customers with alternative book formats. When you shop using our store front, we recieve a portion of the profits. Search bars for for and Hummingbird are located on our website homepage.


It's been two weeks! Where's my book?!

Check your email! Sometimes there are issues with an order, like the book isn't the same price as listed on our website or maybe it's going to take much longer to arrive than we'd like. We want your book buying process to be as pleasant as possible, so if we see that we need to charge you more or if the book isn't going to arrive in the standard 3-5 business days, we will notify you via email before completing the order and charging your credit card. Once you confirm that you're okay with any changes, we will complete the order. Our policy is clear and concise communication with our customers and we will do whatever we can to prevent surprise charges or delays.


I have an Old Firehouse Books account; can I apply my accrued trade credit and rewards to online purchases? 

Unlike our in-store point of sale, the web store does not automatically apply any of the credits or rewards that are on your account. If you would like to use your member benefits on an online purchase, leave us an Order Comment with your account information (name and phone number) and we will make sure you are charged the correct amount. Additionally, you can choose to pay for the book at the store where we will be able to apply any discounts.


Do you sell gift cards and can I get them online?

Yes! We sell gift cards in any denomination you would like, and you can buy them online, in store, or over the phone! We can mail them to you or keep them in the store for pick-up. 


What is your return policy?

If you are unhappy with your purchase, we can provide you with a full refund within 24 hours of your purchase. After that, customers have two weeks to return their product for an exchange or store credit. 

If you receive a damaged product in the mail and you would like a replacement, we do request that you send us back the damaged product. You must cover the shipping charge. If you send via USPS, tell the clerk that it is media mail. Once we receive your damaged product, we will send you a new copy of the book. We will pay for this shipping charge.


I have a question that isn't included here and I'm scared!

Fear not! Shoot us an email at or call 970-484-7898 and one of our cheerful & knowledgable booksellers will help you out.