OFB Greeting Card Packs

You trust our book recommendations, now you can see how we do on greeting cards! Our many spinners of greeting cards are languishing in the store with no one to peruse them. So to help get you the cards you need while still keeping you (and us) safe, we are offering Greeting Card Bundles! 

It is always a nice surprise to find a hand-written letter in the mail, and now more than ever we could all use a little extra joy in our day. Order one (or more) of the packs below. Be sure to let us know in your order comments what card rating you'd like as well as imagery so we get you the kind of cards you want. We'll even pre-stamp the envelopes. Support our store, local card vendors, and put a smile on someone's face. 
Does it get much better?

$20.00 per bundle (5 cards each), includes Forever-stamped envelopes 

No Occasion Pack

Happy Birthday Pack

Variety Pack

Thinking of You Pack

Oops, I Forgot Again Pack

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