Helpful Tips for Authors

Helpful Author Tips:

We strongly encourage you to follow some or all of these suggestions. It has been proven that these will maximize your books sales at our store.

1. Encourage your friends, family and other contacts to purchase your book(s) (when possible) at Old Firehouse Books, not Amazon.

2. If you have a website or a social media presence of any kind, be sure to promote that your book(s) are available at our store (a link to our website is a great way to get the word out there!). While we can’t guarantee your book can be ordered via our website, customers are welcome to call and pay for a copy over the phone. We are happy to ship it if necessary! If you’re hosting an event with us, be sure to promote that on your website as well.

3. Send out press releases, review copies and other promotional materials to local groups, media outlets, and businesses that may be interested in your book.

4. Reach out to local libraries, book clubs and other community organizations that might be interested in your book (i.e. a hiking guide author might want to contact local Boy and Girl Scout troops). Invite them to an event (if you’ve scheduled one) or offer to speak at one of their meetings.

5. Attend other author events at our store or other stores and network with the authors there. Fort Collins has a great writing community with plenty of ways to get involved. We recommend checking out Northern Colorado Writers.


6. Word of mouth still remains the best way to sell a book. So tell your friends, and your friends of friends, that you have a book at Old Firehouse Books! Our booksellers have to focus on all the books in our store; you have to focus on just yours. So you are the best advocate for your book, even if you aren’t in the store!


7. Being an author is a full-time job. Writing the book is only the first step. Selling the book is a whole other battle. Old Firehouse Books expects its consignment authors to do their best at selling their book. We do not keep books on the shelf that don’t sell, no matter who published them.