Find Waldo Local

Find Waldo...Digitally!

Old Firehouse Books has been lucky enough to participate in Candlewick Press' Find Waldo Local for the last several years. It is a great event that helps support local business in our community. It has become wildly popular with locals and visitors alike. Sadly, with Covid-19, we won't be able to host the event like we have in the past, but that isn't going to stop us from having some Waldo-themed fun this year!

Not familiar with our Find Waldo Local event? 

Find Waldo Local is a community-wide Shop Local scavenger hunt hosted by ABA-member bookstores with participation from dozens of merchants in their towns. Every July, Waldo spotters, young and old, are encouraged to get out and support their favorite local businesses, and maybe discover a few new ones they didn't know about. The hunt culminates with a grand celebration held at Old Firehouse Books! 

Every year, participants can enjoy an extra challenge only at Old Firehouse Books. Who knows what it will be next?

How will 2020 be different?

Find Waldo Digitally will take place over the course of July and August this year.

Instead of finding Waldo in local businesses around Old Town, participants will be finding him in our store AND identifying what popular children's book covers/pages he is hanging out by. We will be posting pictures on our Facebook and Instagram 2-3 times a week of Waldo in different places on our shelves and with different book covers. It will be participants' job to identify the book Waldo is by or the section where Waldo is hiding (as well as where Waldo is!). 

We will be posting 12 hidden Waldos each month. At the end of each month, Waldo Seekers with submit their guesses via Google Form. 

Each month, the first 25 Seekers to submit their guesses with 10 correct answers will receive an "I Found Waldo" button and a coupon for $1 off any new book in the store. The first three Seekers to submit their guesses with all 12 correct answers will receive a $5 gift card to Old Firehouse Books and will get to pick a free book (picture book to teen). 

The first Waldo Seeker to submit their guesses with all 24 correct answers will win a $25 gift card to Old Firehouse Books. 

(Any seekers who live outside the Fort Collins area are eligible to win, provided they cover any shipping costs associated with their prizes. Gift cards can be sent electronically)

We hope you'll join in the fun this summer. If you have any questions feel free to email 

Bonus Waldo-seeking! 

If that isn't enough Waldo-seeking for you, never fear! There's more! Waldo is hiding on 7 different pages on our website (no, this page does not count as one). Each month (July and August) the first 3 seekers to find Waldo on all 7 pages will receive a free Theo chocolate bar of their choice (must be able to pick up prize in store). Submit your answers using this form starting July 6th. Seekers only eligible to win once. 

Submit your answers here!

This is the image you will be looking for! 


Find Waldo Local will kick off every July 1st. The hunt will continue for the entire month of July, with the celebration taking place in early August.

Waldo will be hiding at 25 local business in Old Town Fort Collins (including our bookstore!). Waldo seekers who find Waldo in at least 10 locations will receive an 'I Found Waldo' button and a coupon for $1 off a Waldo book from our store. 

Waldo seekers who find Waldo at least 20 locations will receive a button, a coupon, PLUS be entered into the grand prize drawing, which will take place at the celebration party. 

(Please note: coupons and buttons are limited to the first 125 seekers to turn in their Waldo passports.)