Event Options

***No more events will be scheduled for this year, please check back in 2023 ***

 Event Options:

LOCAL AUTHORS: If your book is not available for standard distribution (40% discount and returnable) from Ingram, it must first be accepted for consignment in our store before you can schedule an event.

OUT OF STATE AUTHORS: If you are an author living outside of Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming, your book must be available for standard distribution (40% discount and returnable) from Ingram to be considered for an event at our store.

WHY AN EVENT FEE?: Event fees are to help cover marketing expenses as well as use of our event space. Event fees are charged when an author does not have publisher marketing support or third party marketing support


In-Store Book Signing Fee - TBD

We are re-structuring how local author signings are done this year.

We will have scheduled dates for up to 3 authors that will cost a small fee.

Please check back here for updates in Spring 2023!

Authors will be provided with a small table at the front of the store where they can display their books and other promotional materials as well as sign books for customers. They will be expected to interact with customers as they enter the store. Space at the front of the store is limited, so this is not the ideal event for those looking to chat and catch up with friends. Authors are expected to take responsibility for majority of promotion (see Helpful Author Tips), although the event will be promoted in e-newsletter (approx. 3,000 subscribers), on Facebook and store website, and in store with an original poster designed by Old Firehouse staff


***DO NOT deliver any books or promotional material to Old Firehouse Books without first contacting the Events or Consignment Coordinator.*** 

Email events@oldfirehousebooks.com for any event inquiries.