The Big Picture: A New Perspective on the Grand Canyon (Hardcover)

The Big Picture: A New Perspective on the Grand Canyon By Thomas Kellner Cover Image

The Big Picture: A New Perspective on the Grand Canyon (Hardcover)


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- A unique perspective on the Grand Canyon in a large format photograph by noted German photographer Thomas Kellner

- An accordian-style catalog presenting the work of art at an impressive 1.50m. and in the format 1:3.7.

- Limited Edition

German photographer Thomas Kellner is known for his mosaic-like photographs of world famous architecture and locales. In this project, created in the summer of 2014, he turns to one of the most breathtaking landscape motifs on earth: the Grand Canyon. Kellner photographed the subject from several perspectives, then reassembled the contact sheets in their original size to create an overall composition. The Big Picture was created using 60 35-mm. film rolls with 36 shots each, so 2160 pictures taken one after the other. The work of art is more than 4 meters wide. It is beautifully reproduced here in a 1:3.7 ratio in an accordion-style binding, which allows for a full appreciation of the impact of the original.

Thomas Kellner (b. Bonn 1966) is a German photographer and curator, well-known for his process of creating dancing photographs of architecture from all around the world. Kellner developed his unique visual language of multiple perspectives and the deconstructive approach in a sequence mounted on a contact sheet of 35-mm. film.
Product Details ISBN: 9783946688990
ISBN-10: 3946688993
Publisher: Seltmann Publishers Gmbh
Publication Date: October 15th, 2021
Pages: 26
Language: English