Wanderlust (Hardcover)

Wanderlust By Jordan <Xeno> Madere Cover Image

Wanderlust (Hardcover)


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No Rest for a Nightrunner

In the circular fortress of Dominion City, all lives are forfeit to the will of the Dominion Corporation. They are law, religion, and media. PROTOCOL PREVAILS.

Down in the streets of the varied and brutal 7 District Rings, Citizens have no choice but to conform, confronted by automated Protocol Enforcement Units who patrol and execute on sight. But there are those who don't tolerate injustice.

The Glade Syndicate is one of many forming an impossible resistance. For Wander, an orphan and one of the Glade Syndicate's most talented foot soldiers, life is already complicated enough. Friends, love, murder for hire, temporal reality. But when her AI boss Maybe finally inducts her into the Glade's quantum VRnet, all bets are off. Is sabotage worth deleting the only life Wander has ever known?

DOMINION UNIVERSE is an open-world roleplaying community on Discord. Create a character, join a faction, open a shop, all humans are welcome in Dominion City Your Obedience is appreciated, Citizen. PROTOCOL PREVAILS

Product Details ISBN: 9781951890384
ISBN-10: 1951890388
Publisher: Coin the Realm
Publication Date: September 16th, 2022
Pages: 210
Language: English