A Diamond Dream: Final Book of the Jubilee Cycle (Hardcover)

A Diamond Dream: Final Book of the Jubilee Cycle By Eli K. P. William Cover Image

A Diamond Dream: Final Book of the Jubilee Cycle (Hardcover)


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In a near future Tokyo, every action—from blinking to sexual intercourse—is intellectual property owned by corporations that charge licensing fees…
Risen from the ashes of bankdeath, Amon Kenzaki, fallen Liquidator and Xenocyst survivor, arrives at the forest from his dreams. He has fulfilled his promise to the PhisherKing to seek truth without relent and can look upon the wonders of those green slopes with clear eyes at last.
Yet now, just when his deepest aspiration can finally be fulfilled, he must balance it against the aspirations of all humanity. And he despairs to discover that his love, Mayuko Takamatsu, is still nowhere to be found.
MegaGlom demigoddess, Rashana Birla, and her faithful servant, Ono X, seek Amon’s help in reviving a single dream of liberation with enough facets to accommodate the dreams of all. Meanwhile, the lost secrets of financial life and death promise a kind of digital reincarnation to transcend the twin markets of the Free World, if only he can hold together a miraculous fellowship.
In A Diamond Dream, final book of the Jubilee Cycle trilogy, Amon arrives at the very limits of capitalism, where he and his friends must choose which future to stake out on the other side and accept the consequences. A thought-provoking battle between corporate domination and the individual spirit to decide the meaning of freedom.
Eli K. P. William, originally from Toronto, has worked in Japan as a translator for most of his adult life. His first novel translation, A Man, by Keiichiro Hirano, is a worldwide bestseller. He has contributed short translations to Granta, Monkey, and Kyoto Journal, and has written for such publications as the Japan Times, Nippon.com, and Writer’s DigestA Diamond Dream is his third novel. To find out more visit his homepage, elikpwilliam.com, or follow him on Twitter @Dice_Carver.
Product Details ISBN: 9781945863585
ISBN-10: 1945863587
Publisher: Talos
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2023
Pages: 488
Language: English
Series: Jubilee Cycle
Praise for Eli K. P. William's Jubilee Cycle
“A world pulled straight from the best episode of Black Mirror never made. . . . takes things to the next level.”
B&N Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog

“A worthy second novel in a trilogy, and made me eager to read the final book.”—Amazing Stories Magazine

“A riveting read from cover to cover . . . [Williams has] a genuine flair for originality and imaginative, narrative driven storytelling of the first order.”—Midwest Book Review

“Following in the footsteps of Canadian-American SF author William Gibson, who foresaw the creation of cyberspace, Toronto native Eli K.P. William serves up his own bleak vision of Japan’s dystopian future. While a completely original work, characters in The Naked World—part two of the ‘Jubilee Cycle’ trilogy—face predicaments evocative of works by Jonathan Swift, Aldous Huxley, Philip K. Dick, George Orwell, and Stephen King.”
—Mark Schreiber, Japan Times

Praise for Eli K. P. William and Cash Crash Jubilee

"Debut novelist William reverses the outsider perspective of cyberpunk in this
intricate tale of a digitally claustrophobic future."
Publishers Weekly

“Eli K. P. William’s book is prophetic and chilling in the best of ways, darkly sardonic yet filled with compassion.”
—Gordon Dahlquist, author of The Glass Book of the Dream Eaters

Cash Crash Jubilee is a roller-coaster ride of action and political speculation, all set against a vivid urban backdrop lit by total corporate domination of human life. Writing in the tradition of Dick and Gibson, Eli K. P. William leverages the details of near-future dystopian Tokyo to superb critical effect. A terrific debut!”
—Mark Kingwell, author of Concrete Reveries and The World We Want

“What is truly phenomenal about Cash Crash Jubilee, and what has held my attention, is the world building. Everything is explained, described, or illustrated in a way that makes sure the reader is never confused, but that also doesn’t hinder the development of the plot in any way. It’s an action-packed techno thriller. And after reading it, I’ll never take something as simple as staring up at the night sky for granted again.”

“Combines 1984’s brutal totalitarianism and Brave New World’s seductive consumerism. Its premise is both horrifying and ridiculous. Is it a satire or a thriller? It works brilliantly as either.”
—John Love, author of Faith and Evensong

Cash Crash Jubilee is an unheralded gem of new wave cyberpunk.”
B&N Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog

“A stunning debut novel, a glorious and disturbing view of a strange new world that could easily become our new world. Fans of Neal Stephenson and William Gibson will find much to enjoy in Cash Crash Jubilee.”
—Wayne Arthurson, author of Fall From Grace and A Killing Winter