Resistance (Paperback)

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Resistance (Paperback)


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In 2020, eleven years after the passengers of flight BA142 from London to Delhi developed extraordinary abilities corresponding to their innermost desires, the world is overrun with supers. Some use their powers for good, others for evil, and some just want to pulverize iconic monuments and star in their own reality show. But now, from New York to Tokyo, someone is hunting down supers, killing heroes and villains both, and it’s up to the Unit to stop them…

Samit Basu is a talented and prolific young writer, with an existing and impressive profile in comics culture, science fiction and fantasy. Titan recently published his action-packed pulpy Turbulence to critical acclaim and fans demanded a sequel.
Product Details ISBN: 9781781162491
ISBN-10: 1781162492
Publisher: Titan Books
Publication Date: July 8th, 2014
Pages: 400
Language: English
Resistance will appeal to readers of science fiction, gamers, lovers of exciting action and, perhaps most importantly, even the most jaded superhero fans.” - Aventures in Sci Fi Publishing 

"Resistance reads like a summer superhero flick at the multiplexes." - Retrenders

"A thrilling, well-paced, enormously entertaining ride." - Strange Horizons

"Resistance acts as a love letter to Kaiju, action sequences, pop culture and comic book action heroes." - Fangirl Nation

"This is a story I could return to over and over and still get the same amount of enjoyment out of." - Paper Droids

"The characters, whether human, hero, and villain, are strong and well-developed. The world they live in is clearly vast, without the details of it seeming too general or too numerous. The tone of the story is the perfect balance of witty, action-packed, self-referential, and strangely real given the premise. If there is a better series out there about post-modern superheroics, I have yet to see it. I genuinely hope this is not the final chapter in this wonderful world Basu has created, because this is one literary ride I’m not quite ready to leave behind." - Playback

"It went places and did things I’ve not encountered in other superhero fare, and that’s saying something." -  SciFi Pulse 

"If ever they tried to make this book into a film, I’m not sure it could ever live up to the vivid and complex world that Samit Basu has created." - Geek Hard

"I can’t recommend this novel enough simply for the engaging plot, but Basu is obviously breaking new ground, especially for American audiences, in uniting international contexts, a diverse array of characters from multiple nations, and the genre of speculative fiction. This novel is certainly one to add to your reading list, or if you’re an instructor, your syllabus!" - Asian American Lit Fans

"We’re pretty excited to see a new, worldly take on superheroes." - BuzzFeed Community 

"If you read Turbulence and enjoyed it, just know you’ll love this one, too. And if you haven’t discovered either book, you’re in for a great ride." - Geek Dad

"it’s exciting, often suspenseful, and at the same time full of thought-provoking ambiguities." - MuggleNet 

"Basu does a good job of answering the question: What would it be like if normal humans were suddenly given superpowers? I feel both books deal with this issue in a way that isn’t just humorous, but also realistic. And that’s what makes both books a good read." - Fan Girl Confessions

"it’s safe to say this might top his first outing. It’s a great read that spans the world and somehow manages to keep things organized and highly entertaining without skipping a beat." - City of Films

"Dazzling action sequences..." - Publisher's Weekly