The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook: A Drug-Free Program to Build Healthy Habits and Achieve Restful Sleep (Paperback)

The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook: A Drug-Free Program to Build Healthy Habits and Achieve Restful Sleep By Sara Dittoe Barrett, PhD Cover Image

The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook: A Drug-Free Program to Build Healthy Habits and Achieve Restful Sleep (Paperback)


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Put insomnia to bed in just 4 weeks.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably figured out that counting sheep, doing a headstand or wearing socks won’t get you to sleep. Good news—addressing the root causes of your insomnia can. This book will get you from stressed to sleep in just four weeks with a range of proven drug-free strategies.

With The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook as your guide, you’ll learn the latest CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) and mindfulness practices to get to the bottom of your sleepless nights. Throughout this program, you’ll tackle the thoughts and feelings that keep you up at night and establish a sleep-hygiene routine that works for you.

The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook includes:
  • The science of sleep—Learn everything you need to know about insomnia, including the primary types and common causes.
  • A 4-week program—Start with a personal assessment and progressively build habits for better sleep week after week. By the time you finish this workbook, you’ll have a sleep hygiene routine that works for you.
  • Proven strategies—Try stimulus control therapy, designate a specific worry time, meditate, and much more—this book is filled with CBT-I, mindfulness and lifestyle techniques to give you the drug-free rest you want and need.

Understand the underlying causes of insomnia and overcome them—with The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook.
SARA DITTOE BARRETT, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapies and mindfulness for a wide range of presenting issues, particularly sleep, mood, anxiety disorders and OCD, and chronic pain and illness. She works in private practice in Chicago, Illinois.
Product Details ISBN: 9781641524698
ISBN-10: 1641524693
Publisher: Althea Press
Publication Date: June 25th, 2019
Pages: 136
Language: English
"This book is so useful and so full of helpful suggestions, that I will recommend it highly to my patients suffering from chronic pain conditions who almost all have disrupted sleep."—Kenneth R. Lofland, PhD, Pain Psychologist, Director, Northshore Integrative Healthcare

"Finally, a one-stop-shop for anyone struggling with sleep! The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook is a brilliant compendium of resources about insomnia, including insights about things to do, supplements to take (or not take), and ways to work skillfully with the mind when it’s just not going to sleep."—Rachel Lurie, LMFT, CADC, Psychotherapist

"Dr. Barrett has succinctly summarized the literature on sleep in a way that is easy to digest. The workbook provides the most up-to-date and effective evidence-based treatments for sleep in such a simple and clear way that makes it easy to follow and use. I would definitely recommend this book to my clients!"—Nancy Beckman, PhD, Assistant Professor, Director of Health Psychology, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of Chicago

"This is an incredibly practical and well-written book that works to make the topic of insomnia feel very manageable. It will undoubtedly improve quality of life for anyone struggling with sleep."—Lindsay Whitman, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist

"In this book, Dr. Barrett has achieved a difficult balance, she is comprehensive and concise, yet this book is also accessible. Insomniacs will find helpful tools and wise advice here."—Jan Willer, PhD, author of The Beginning Psychotherapist’s Companion and Could It Be Adult ADHD? A Clinician’s Guide to Recognition, Assessment and Treatment

"Sara Dittoe Barrett writes from the unique position of having extensive personal and professional experience navigating insomnia, resulting in a book that is at once thoroughly informative, digestible, validating, and collaborative. This book will enable you to make immediate and long-lasting changes and get better sleep, without the challenges some medications can bring."—Alyssa Lieb, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist