The Art of Selfishness by David Seabury (Paperback)

The Art of Selfishness by David Seabury By David Seabury Cover Image

The Art of Selfishness by David Seabury (Paperback)


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The Art of Informed Self-Care

Psychologist David Seabury offers timeless advice in this classic self help guide. In The Art of Selfishness Dr. Seabury counsels the reader toward a healthier approach to life. A best seller when it was first published, it is filled with thought-provoking and engaging stories taken from Seabury's decades of practice. Written in a period, similar to today, when the finding personal happiness was especially challenging. Dr. Seabury presents a bold and fresh perspective for achieving personal empowerment and a vibrant way to care for family, friends, and, of course, yourself.

You'll find advice on:

  • The 7-Step Thinking Plan
  • 8 Ways to Assure Restful Sleep
  • 34 Effective Ways for Solving Problems
  • 12 Basic Needs You Must Not Be Denied
  • 22 Easier Ways of Living
  • 6 Ways to Win by Yielding
  • 12 Mistakes to Avoid Making
  • 7 Ways to Quarrel Effectively
  • 12 Steps for Easing Out of Trouble
  • 8 False Premises and How They Work
  • 5 Ways to Avoid Brain Fatigue

And hundreds of other suggestions.

Dr Seabury presents a strong case for healthy self-respect. His approach to interpersonal relationships, based on "never compromise yourself," presents a fresh approach to a more fulfilling and engaged lifestyle. Everyone wishing to take better care of themselves and those they love will want to keep The Art of Selfishness close at hand.

Product Details ISBN: 9781635619768
ISBN-10: 1635619769
Publisher: Girard & Stewart
Publication Date: May 13th, 2021
Pages: 194
Language: English