The Bard in the Bar Scavenger Hunt!

Old Firehoues Books is very excited to introduce the Bard in the Bar Scavenger Hunt! Inspired by the wildly popular Find Waldo Local event, we decided to create a fun summer activity just for adults. Yes, that means participants must be 21 years or older to participate. 

What is the Bard in the Bar Scavenger Hunt?

The Bard in the Bar is essentially Where's Waldo, only the locations are all bars or breweries, the figure you are searching for is the Bard himself (Shakespeare), and participants must be at or above the legal drinking age. 

Those wanting to participate can pick up a Tap List of all the Bard's hiding locations at Old Firehouse Books (or any of the participating locations if you happen to find yourself there). Once you've found the Bard, let an employee know and they will stamp your Tap List to show you found the Bard at that location. 

The first 50 players to return a Tap List with at least 5 locations checked off will receive a $1 coupon to Old Firehouse Books, a $1 coupon to ____ , and a Bard button. Players who find the Bard at all 9 locations will be entered into the drawing at the end of the month. And those that find all 10 will be entered into a bonus raffle. Completed Tap Lists should be returned to Old Firehouse Books. 

When does the fun start?

The game begins on the 1st of July and goes until the 31st of July. The raffle will take place at a party at our store on August 4th at 10:30am. Light refreshments will be provided. 

We are excited to be working with members of our community to make this event happen. And of course, we encourage participants to drink responsibly while playing the game. 

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