Attention Authors: Want us to carry your book?

Consignment Terms:

1.     Author/Consignor will retain 60% of the purchase price (before any sales tax is added). After the sale of a book, Old Firehouse Books will forward a check for the full amount of the purchase price, less 40%.

2.     Old Firehouse Books agrees to initially take 3 copies of a book on consignment for 6 months. During this time, Old Firehouse Books may request additional copies for the store and/or pay for any already sold.

3.     All consignment and event agreements are tentative until Firehouse management has time to look through and approve a physical copy of the book(s) being promoted.

4.     Authors must reside in Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming.

5.     Authors are responsible for the delivery and retrieval of their own books, whether in person or paying for shipment.

6.     After 6 months, the consignment contract may be extended at the discretion of Old Firehouse Books at no additional charge to the author.

7.     Payment for sold copies will be sent to the author at the end of the 6 month period or at the request of the author.

8.     Old Firehouse Books will donate books that have not been retrieved within 1 month after the end of the consignment period.

9.     Old Firehouse Books shall collect any sales tax due upon sale of the book, and be responsible for remitting all sales tax collected to the appropriate authority.

10.  Old Firehouse Books is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen books.

Consignment Options:

Basic Plan: $15
Shelf space in our Local Author section

Advanced Plan: $30
One month of shelf space in appropriate Recent Release section

-Shelf space in appropriate section among non-consignment books (i.e. Sci-Fi, Literature, etc)

-Featured in Old Firehouse Book’s e-newsletter

Event Options:

Monthly Guest Author Appearance: $50
-Only one will occur each month, scheduled first come first serve

-Restricted to authors from the Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming area unless the author is available for standard distribution (40% discount and returnable) through Ingram

-Author chooses date and time based on availability and preference of Old Firehouse management. Each event will last one hour.

-Recommended for first time authors in the broader Northern Colorado or Southern Wyoming area

-Author will have a small table set up in front of the store provided by the bookstore displaying their books. They will be expected to interact with customers as they enter the store.

-Promoted in e-newsletter, Facebook, and store website

-Includes Basic Consignment Plan 

-Author is expected to take responsibility for majority of promotion (see Helpful Author Tips)

Solo Author Event: $125
-Date will be scheduled by author and Old Firehouse Books Event Coordinator

-Recommended for established Fort Collins authors with whom we do not yet have a business relationship

-Restricted to authors from the Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming area unless the author is available for standard distribution (40% discount and returnable) through Ingram

-Usually takes place in our store event space, but other locations can be negotiated

-Promoted in e-newsletter, front of store display, Facebook, Twitter, store website, fliers designed by Firehouse staff, and potentially an ad on KUNC (depending on schedule)

-Author must provide a list of 25 addresses and/or e-mail addresses of potentially interested Fort Collins friends and acquaintances to whom postcards or an e-mail blast can be sent by Firehouse staff

-Includes Advanced Consignment Plan

-Author is expected to assist in promotion (see Helpful Author Tips)

Helpful Author Tips:
1. Encourage your friends, family and other contacts to purchase your book(s) at Old Firehouse Books or from our website. (

2. If you have a website, provide a link to Old Firehouse Books’ website so that readers can order your book from us or know that the books are available in our store. If you’re hosting an event with us, be sure to promote that on your website as well.

3. Contact local media and mailing lists to let them know that the book is available at Old Firehouse Books.

4. Send out press releases, review copies and other promotional materials.

5. Reach out to local libraries, book clubs and other community organizations that might be interested in your book (i.e. a hiking guide author might want to contact local Boy and Girl Scout troops). Invite them to an event or offer to speak at one of their meetings.

6. Attend other author events at our store or other stores and network with the authors there. Fort Collins has a great writing community with plenty of ways to get involved.

7. Read the article “So you wrote a book – now what?” by David Unowsky at 

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