Ways to Save

Old Firehouse Books wouldn’t be the store it is without our loyal customers.

To show our thanks and appreciation, we offer a number of ways to help you save!

Sign up for an Old Firehouse Books account!

Having an account at our store is a great and easy way to save. The account acts like a digital punch card. When you make purchases using your account, our system keeps track of how much you’ve spent. For every $100 you spend you will receive $5 of store credit that you can use on whatever you’d like! An account is free to set up and only requires a name and a phone number or working email. We do not give out any personal information and will only contact you if you have ordered a book that's arrived at the store.

Bring us used books in exchange for Trade Credit!

Old Firehouse Books sells both new and used books. And we get all our used books from you, our customers! Bring us your gently used books that you no longer want and we will go through them to see is there’s anything we want. You can read up on our full Trade Policy HERE. How does Trade Credit save you money? Your credit works like a discount program. When you make a purchase after trading in books, credit will automatically deduct from your account, giving you 10% off new books and an additional 50% off used books. Your trade credit can't be used all at once, so you will always pay something, but you will also save as long as you have enough credit.

Other Discounts:

Book Club Discount

All book club selections, for our in store clubs and private clubs that have registered with us, are 20% off during the month they are being discussed. The book club discount cannot be paired with Trade Credit. Used books are exempt from the book club discount, but Trade Credit can still be used.

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